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Calceneovalgus is a term describing the position on the foot. The calcaneus position is one of dorsiflexion, where the foot is pointing upwards. The valgus position describes the foot pointing outwards. So calcaneovalgus simply means the foot is pointing upwards and outwards.

The most common cause of this condition is postural or flexible calcaneovalgus, present at birth. It is due to the infant being "packed" in the womb for the last few months of pregnancy, and the foot squeezed into that position. In extreme cases, the top of the foot is actually in contact with the front of the lower leg, and could appear very worrisome. However, the bones and joints are usually well developed in spite of the appearance, and with stretching exercises and time, the "deformity" corrects completely.

Under less common conditions, there is an actual structural deformity due to missing ankle or foot bones, and the deformity does not correct with stretching exercises. These cases usually require surgical correction.

Sometimes, calcaneovalgus is not present at birth, but develops as the child grows older. This is usually due to a neuromuscular disorder, e.g., cerebral palsy, poliomyelitis, or myelomengocele. Treatment here involves not just treatment of the foot deformity, but of the whole child.


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