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Congenital Posteromedial Bowing of the Tibia

What is it?

Congenital Posteromedial Bowing of the Tibia is a condition that occurs at birth where the leg bone is bowed backwards. There is usually associated shortening of the affected tibia. The foot of the affected limb is often held in calcaneovalgus, with the foot touching the front of the leg.

What does your doctor do about it?

X-rays confirm the diagnosis. Stretching exercises or castings may be needed to correct the calcaneovalgus. The bowing of the tibia is expected to improve with time. Most of the improvement occurs within the first two years, with slower improvement beyond that. The leg length discrepancy is usually mild, and a shoe lift will usually take care of it. In the more severe cases, epiphyseodesis or even leg lengthening may be needed.


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